IMG_1138.jpgArtist Name - Vince
Full Name - Vincent Smith
Profile - Vocallist & Guitarist
Age - 20
Gender - Male

Initially a session musician, his musical interest was always alive, with his talents in drumming and percussion being explored out of primary and into secondary school.

Through spending ample time with seasoned muscians and friends alike he picked up on the other 3 instruments he plays today. Rythm guitar, bass guitar and keyboards.

After getting into singing in his last year of school, he was driven by the hype and great feel of being a front line performer and went on to become one of the first members of the young and upcoming band Lejend.

In addition to performing islandwide with the band he also did bar nights with his guitar where he found his musical identity as the Neo Soul artist Vince.

In January of the year 2014 he released the single Sex Therapy and is currently working on an EP for release in January of 2015.IMG_1241.jpgIMG_1173.JPG

Music Tracks

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